Minister praises Third Sector as 'best in the world'


Britain's charity and voluntary organisations are the "best in the world", says Angela Smith, Minister for the Third Sector.

There are 870,000 civil society organisations in the UK with an income of £116 billion. The third sector is backed by a generous public, with 73% of adults taking part in volunteering and 78% of people giving to charity - the highest level of giving in Europe.

Individual third sector organisations are setting an example for the rest of the world - ground-breaking research charities, international support agencies, social enterprises, campaigning groups and small community-led organisations.

Angela Smith said: "Call it what you like; the charitable sector, the voluntary sector, the sector for social improvement, the third sector. The third sector is not a ranking of sectors, but recognition that we have a private sector, a public sector and a third sector - with a different way of doing things.

"This 'third sector' works tirelessly supporting people and building communities; protecting the local and international environment; delivering public services; campaigning for change; and seeking every day to make the world a better place."

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