Volunteering England show a further rise in volunteering 07/09/09

Figures released by Volunteering England show a further rise in volunteering enquiries in 2009.

The research shows:

Over the past six months, 86% of Volunteer Centres have seen an increase in volunteering enquiries, which represents a further increase on data collected in March this year.

Many of these enquiries are being successfully placed into volunteer roles with 72% of Centres placing more volunteers than they were six months ago.

Volunteer Centres across the network have been proactive in confronting increased unemployment. Their work and projects on employability have increased by 70% over the last six months.

63% of Volunteer Centres now carry out work specifically on volunteering and employability.

The figures were revealed in an Institute for Volunteering Research study, commissioned by Volunteering England, the national volunteering development agency.

The study was a follow-up to research carried out by the Institute in March 2009, exploring the services delivered by Volunteer Centres around volunteering and employability

Commenting on the figures, Justin Davis Smith, chief executive of Volunteering England, said: “We are extremely pleased to see that a high number of volunteering enquiries are being successfully turned into volunteering placements by the Volunteer Centre network.

"Thousands of people are increasingly looking for volunteering opportunities as a way of making good use of their time and as a route back into employment.

“Volunteering is an excellent way to develop and improve the ‘soft skills’ needed for employment including teamwork, communication and other social and interpersonal skills. It can be an opportunity to offer existing skills for a good cause or an opportunity to learn new skills and develop career options.

“And the increase in the number of people wanting to volunteer can only be good news for local community services, which will benefit from the skills and time being given.”

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