Funders' preferences revealed in new almanac


The funding preferences of trusts, companies and government is revealed in a new almanac on sale from the Directory of Social Change (DSC), the provider of funding information for the voluntary sector.

The first edition of The Funders' Almanac 2008 outlines how funding is distributed by corporate givers and the UK's top 2,600 grant-making trusts across the boroughs of Greater London and the counties of England, Scotland and Wales.

The almanac explores the spectrum of support for causes, identifying the most and least popular activities for funders, and the varying level of financial support offered to a range of beneficiaries.

It also reveals the main competitive funding programmes, new grant schemes and funding rounds offered by central government departments.

The Funders' Almanac 2008 is the first stage of DSC's Great Giving Campaign, a two-year project which aims to develop a clear picture of the funding environment, make funding for campaigning more accessible, and improve the application process.

DSC chief executive Debra Allcock Tyler, said: "We have seen huge changes in the distribution of funding over the last few years, especially from government, and the current economic climate will undoubtedly affect giving across the board.

"The problem is that there is little evidence of what it is changing from - never mind what it might be changing to. The Funders' Almanac 2008 is our first step towards building that picture."

DSC director of Policy & Research Ben Wittenberg added: "A clear understanding of the funding landscape is essential for good grant- making and should be a critical component of strategic planning for all funders.

"We hope that by providing better intelligence, funders can make a greater impact with more insightful decisions about their giving, which will benefit the whole sector. If in doing so, we can cut through the smoke and mirrors that surround government's funding of the sector, then all the better."

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