ACEVO calls on charity CEOs to focus on carbon footprints 09/04/09

ACEVO is calling on third sector leaders to make reducing their organisation’s carbon footprint a priority.

To aid this transition ACEVO has launched The Sustainability Challenge: implications for chief executives in the third sector which examines the role of third sector chief executives in implementing environmentally sustainable practices in their organisation.

ACEVO believe that delivering sustainability is fundamental to improved leadership and a healthy future for the third sector.

At the most basic level sustainability involves the integration of social, environmental and economic concerns to meet society’s needs now and in the future.

Acevo says it is not just about ‘going green’ or maintaining funding in a fragile economic climate, it is about realising the best opportunities with the resources you have and delivering on long-term responsibilities to those you work with and your supporters.

“Third sector leaders don’t often see sustainability as a priority in their role. But no organisation can afford to put this matter off, which is why we are trying to encourage our members and all leaders in the sector to start putting a sustainability strategy in place”, said Stephen Bubb, chief executive of ACEVO.

There are increasing external pressures for third sector organisations (TSOs) to start getting a strategy in to place.

Funders are now expecting those they support to prove their sustainability credentials and those procuring services from TSOs are increasingly expected to deliver on sustainability targets and passing this on down their supply chain.

It isn’t only external pressure that should incentivise leaders to implement sustainability practices in their organisation, there are substantial benefits they can bring. Assessing your impact and improving performance can lead to huge savings.

BTCV recently achieved 40% saving in energy costs. This has released resources for core activities as well as improving their environmental impact.

Tom Flood, chair of ACEVOs Sustainability SIG, said: “There is an increasing awareness that third sector organisations need to deliver on the sustainability agenda, particularly now DEFRA, DECC and OTS have announced their ministerial task force. ACEVO is committed to leading the sector in this direction and providing the resources which will help CEO’s take their organisations on this journey.”

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