NCVO say G20 must involve civil society 02/04/09
Speaking from the G20 Summit, Stuart Etherington, NCVO CEO, warned that any recommendations from the G20 Summit must fully involve civil society in their delivery as this would be the only hope of reaching the most vulnerable people in society.

He said: “We are delighted that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the G20 leaders have secured more money for the World Bank and IMF. While these initiatives are necessary, they can only ever hope to be effective with the full democratic participation of citizens and civil society.

"Many of our members in this country and partners around the world have vital expertise in assisting people in every community. We urge governments and international institutions to listen and work with civil society organisations.”

“Economic prosperity must go hand in hand with social justice, financial security and a green economy for a fairer and more sustainable world. We must rebuild our institutions and our communities from the bottom up, if we are to achieve a stronger and more stable society.”

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