Charity Commission opens inquiry into Bangladesh charity 25/03/09

The Charity Commission has opened another inquiry, this timeinto the charity called Green Crescent Bangladesh UK .

The inquiry follows reports this morning about alleged terrorist activity in an orphanage and madrassa said to be supported by the charity in Bangladesh.

The inquiry will focus on determining the extent of the links between the charity and this activity, whether or not the charity, its funds, or funds raised on its behalf were used unlawfully and the role of the trustees in this. The inquiry will also consider the financial and governance practices of the charity particularly as regards its overseas activity.

Andrew Hind, chief executive of the Charity Commission, said: “We are working with relevant law enforcement and other agencies to investigate the allegation that terrorist activity is connected with the charity. The matter is of serious concern to us, and we are taking this action given the gravity of the matter, the public interest and the need to protect charity work and funds.

"We intend, as is normal procedure, to publish a statement of the results of the inquiry setting out our findings once the inquiry is completed.”

This comes a day after the Charity Commission opened an inquiry into the charitable funds raised for George Galloway’s controversial appeal: the Lifeline for Gaza, also known as Viva Palestina.

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