UNISON urges government to protect contracted out sector workers 10/03/09

UNISON, the UK’s largest public sector trade union, is today urging the Government to toughen up the rules protecting contracted out public sector workers.

The union is supporting an Early Day Motion calling for the two-tier workforce code to be given wider scope and tougher powers for enforcement and monitoring.

The union is wanting the code to be updated after a UNISON survey revealed that two tier workforces – where new recruits are employed on worse terms and conditions – were still widespread.

The survey showed some council were not applying the code and some employers were paying new recruits as much as £2 an hour less. Many staff are also forced to work longer hours with less annual leave entitlement.

UNISON general secretary, Dave Prentis, said: “The two-tier workforce code is vital to making sure that unscrupulous employers cannot use contracting out as an excuse to cut staff pay and conditions. But some employers are still getting around it.

“This affects low paid women more than any other group. If the Government is serious about equality, it must reissue the code with wider scope and tougher powers of enforcement and monitoring.”



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