NICVA condemns weekend shootings 09/03/09

NICVA, the umbrella body for voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland, has condemned the weekend shootings in Antrim.

NICVA's director of policy, Frances McCandless, said: "Along with every other voice that has been raised in the last two days, we want to express our outrage and disgust at the shootings in Antrim at the weekend. There is a clear message coming from people here that this is 'not in our name' and must never happen again.

"Voluntary and community organisations have worked in communities across Northern Ireland to promote peace and reconciliation and we know the appetite for peace is as strong as ever.

"No-one wants to go back to the days when we woke every morning to news of a fresh atrocity. We extend our sympathies to the families of the dead and to the wounded and their families, and call upon those responsible to recognise that the world has moved on and they will be unsuccessful in stirring up hatred and division."

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