Disappointment from charity on government opt-outs 06/03/09

A leading disability charity has welcomed the much needed step the government has taken towards the adoption of the UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities.

However, Leonard Cheshire Disability is disappointed that the government is still seeking opt-outs from parts of the treaty.

The government has proposed entering ‘reservations’ to the UN Convention, meaning that it would not sign up to the full rights set out in the Convention on education, legal capacity, employment in the armed forces and immigration.

Commenting on the announcement from the government that it intends to ratify the UN Convention, but with a number of ‘reservations’, John Knight, assistant director for policy and campaigns at Leonard Cheshire Disability said: “We are delighted that the government has now set out a clear process to ratify this hugely important Convention, this is a major step forward for disabled people.

“We remain disappointed, however, that the UK still intends to ‘opt-out’ of a number of areas. We feel that this casts something of a cloud on the government’s commitment to deliver full equality for disabled people by 2025.”

Leonard Cheshire Disability is part of the UNCCC, a coalition of organisations campaigning for the UK to ratify the Convention without reservations.

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