ACEVO launches new website 05/03/09

ACEVO has launched a new website designed to offer all third sector organisations tools and guidance to support them during the recession. will act as a platform for third sector organisations to share ideas, find support services and get the latest news on the recession.

The site is home to guides written by experts from a plethora of fields, tools and advice on finance, tips on management and dedicated advice for third sector leaders on personal and career development.

The site also offers direction to other third sector bodies which provide expert services and advice on specific issues related to the recession.

Feedback from ACEVO members on their experience of the recession formed the framework for the contents and functions of the new site. was created as part of the action plan ACEVO has put in to place to bolster its services for members in the areas they need most during the recession.

Stephen Bubb, chief executive of ACEVO, said: "We have a tough time ahead of us. We now need more than ever to collaborate as a sector and share knowledge. We need to draw upon our peer’s experiences so that all organisations have a better chance of surviving the recession.

"This will give us a fitter third sector the other side of the recession. As part of the support services we are tailoring for our members on the recession, I am delighted to introduce our new site which will provide news, support and advice in areas third sector organisations need most now.”

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