Welsh charitable sector report welcomed 04/03/09

A report giving a unique insight into the Welsh charitable sector has been welcomed by a group of Assembly Members (AMs) and their staff who met yesterday in Cardiff.

The report, A snapshot of charities in Wales, was published by the Charity Commission, the independent regulator of charities in England and Wales.

The event, hosted by Chris Franks, AM for South Wales Central Region, was held in the Assembly building. During the event Harry Iles, Head of the Charity Commission’s Wales Office, introduced the report, which was presented to the AMs by Dr Sarah Brennan, Head of Research.

Chris Franks AM said: “The Welsh charitable sector plays a hugely important role in our society, touching the lives of thousands of people every day. The Charity Commission’s report, which was presented to the Welsh Government yesterday, gives an excellent overview of the scale and scope of a significant sector.”

Mark Isherwood AM said: “This report paints a fascinating picture of the wonderful work being carried out within the Welsh charity sector. It is imperative that we continue to support our charities – whether in the form of a donation or an offer of our time – so that they are able to carry on their good work at a time when many people find themselves in need of a helping hand.”

Harry Iles, head of the Charity Commission’s Wales Office, said: “The advice my team and I provide is specifically tailored to Welsh charities. Since opening the Wales Office in Newport five years ago, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a result of our close links within the sector.

"We work directly with charities to help them modernise the way they work so that they are effective and relevant to the needs of people in Wales today. Charities tell us that they welcome the opportunity to discuss issues with caseworkers in Wales and they are welcome to contact us in either Welsh or English, depending on their preference.

The report included a range of previously unpublished information on the activity of Welsh charities registered with the Commission, including the following key findings:

There are just over 9,000 registered charities in Wales; They have a combined income of just under £1bn; 90% of them carry out their work solely in Wales; 13 Welsh charities have an annual income of over £10m; around 250 new charities are registered in Wales each year.

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