Commission for the Compact research is underway 02/03/09

A lack of clarity about how Compact principles apply to European funding programmes has prompted a research study to be undertaken by the Commission for the Compact.

Many third sector organisations receive funding from European programmes and they are often affected by policy decisions made at European level.

Initial background research by the Commission for the Compact in autumn 2008, found that there may be confusion around the application of the Compact, the agreement which sets out shared commitments and guidelines for working between government and the voluntary and community sector, and the administration of European Structural Funding.

Structural funds are a significant source of European Union funding for economic and social development.

They account for over one third of the European Union budget and are used to tackle regional disparities and support regional development through developing infrastructure and telecommunications, developing human resources and supporting research and development.

The Commission’s research study will focus on 15 case studies of third sector organisations who have applied for European Structural Funding.

Each example explores whether Compact principles have been applied, and, if not, whether they have been overridden by rules derived from the European Union European Structural Funding Research.

Sir Bert Massie CBE, commissioner for the Compact, said: “European Structural Funding is an important source of income for many third sector organisations. We have commissioned this research to gain greater clarity in this complex area.

"Furthermore, it will help us to analyse occurrences where the application of the Compact is being interpreted correctly or incorrectly and remove uncertainty and barriers to effective partnership working.”

The tender for the Commission’s research study has been awarded to In Auriga Consultants and a report highlighting the findings will be published in late spring 2009.

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