New fundraising code for consultants published 25/03/08

The Institute of Fundraising has published a new Code of Fundraising Practice which clarifies how consultants working with charities should conduct their operations.

The code Best Practice for Fundraising Consultants, highlights the importance of consultants operating as independent agents, as opposed to employee members of staff, and outlines what is considered appropriate conduct for consultants. The code also covers the use of contracts, fees, and conflicts of interest among others.

Megan Pacey, the Institute’s director of policy and campaigns, said: “it is increasingly common for charities to work with fundraising consultants – who may act in a number of ways. This code puts in place a best practice framework for those charities that work with consultants as well as a guide for consultants themselves, to formalise a working relationship for mutual benefit.”

For more on the code visit

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