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Poor less likely to give to charity, but donate more of their salary 14/06/07

The poor donate a higher proportion of their income to charity than the rich but are less likely to give, according to NfpSynergy’s latest research.

Based on a representative sample of UK households, new analysis from the think tank states that half of the wealthiest 10% of households have all donated in the last month, giving an average of £60. In contrast, only 15% of the poorest households claim to donate, giving an average of just £14.

But the poorest 10% of households give 3.2% of their income, while the rich give only 0.8% of their earnings.

Single women living alone were found to be the most likely to give to charity – one in three claimed to have donated in the last month, and the average gift stood at £36. Just one in six of single parents gave, with an average donation of £11.

Joe Saxton, NfpSynergy’s driver of ideas, said: “This data highlights clear opportunities for fundraisers. Whilst the richest 10% of households by income are the most generous in terms of their frequency and size of donation, their giving remains a tantalisingly tiny proportion of their wealth. And finger-grained analysis suggests that middle income households – already likely to give – also have potential to give greater amounts when they do so.”

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