IOF celebrates heroes 24/07/08

The Institute of Fundraising along with Prime Minister, Gordon Brown celebrated the recognition of six volunteer fundraisers as ‘Everyday Heroes’.

The efforts of six volunteer fundraisers including Alison Cordwell of Lancashire, Liam Fairhurst of Soham, Elizabeth Haycock of Northampton, Chris Lavender from Bedfordshire and Phil Pemble of Sutton Coldfield were recognised at a reception held at 10 Downing Street.

Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of the Institute of Fundraising, said: “There are hundreds of thousands of volunteer fundraisers who collectively raise a huge amount of money each year. In turn, they make a phenomenal contribution to the work that many voluntary organisations are able to undertake.

“Often the unsung heroes of volunteering, the Institute is delighted that the Prime Minister has chosen to acknowledge the remarkable efforts of these volunteer fundraisers as “Everyday Heroes' at a Downing Street reception yesterday. Their efforts and contribution are an example to us all.”



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