Will Aid will take place in November


Will Aid, the UK’s leading charity will making scheme, will be running again this November providing an opportunity for other charities to overcome one of the main barriers to achieving legacies – motivating supporters to actually make a Will.

Will Aid is run by a partnership of nine leading charities and recruits solicitors all over the UK who will draw up a basic will free of charge.

In return for this service, the solicitors hope their Will Aid clients will choose to donate to the Will Aid charities the fee they would normally charge.

The suggested donation level is £75 for a single Will, £110 for a pair of mirror Wills and £40 for a codicil.

This scheme is popular with charity supporters who like to feel that they are helping charity rather than paying a solicitor. Will Aid aims to motivate people to write their Will – something they may have been meaning to do but putting off for ages.

Whilst the donations go to the Will Aid charities, people are free to make a legacy to any charity or cause they choose. So any charity can benefit from the scheme.

Will Aid can provide leaflets free of charge for inclusion in supporter mailings and press releases for inclusion in newsletter and magazines.

Campaign manager Shirley Marsland said: “The last campaign in 2006 achieved over £5m in legacy pledges for the Will Aid charities. If you are a legacy manager wondering how to turn your supporters’ good intentions to leave a legacy into a reality, then Will Aid is a really effective prompt to encourage people to actually get on a make that Will or add an all important codicil to an existing Will.”






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