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Is SROI the future of impact reporting? Christopher Andrews finds out what social return on investment is all about, and asks if fears surrounding its potential misuse by funders are justified

When undergoing organisational change, managers failing to keep employees in the loop do so at their peril. Peter Davy investigates how the HR function can minimise staff dissatisfaction, and keep change or merger from becoming a nightmare

A third of employees say their managers are failing to help them realise their potential at work. Hannah Fearn finds out if the third sector is recognising the talents of its staff, or if it risks losing them to those that can


Charity websites are failing their disabled users, according to two damning reports in as many years. Is the third sector really falling short of best practice standards on accessibility? Hannah
Fearn reports



There is much to be gained by having political support for your cause, and the positive benefits
far outweigh any potential negatives. David Adams investigates how politicians can be brought on-board, and the rewards some are reaping by
doing so


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Supplement : Investment quarterly


Third quarter

The second quarter showed strong returns which were dominated by global equity markets, sustained earnings growth and private equity group takeover news, says Heather Lamont

Freshly imported from the US, 130/30 funds are being promoted as offering investors superior returns. But some analysts are sceptical, reports Graham Buck

Is private equity investment too risky a proposition for the average charity investor? Probably, finds Sandra Haurant, but social investment following
a private equity model could be an interesting
way forward

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