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The Governance Hub’s Code of Governance is up for review. Should the sector care about the redraft of a voluntary set of standards inexorably tied to the now defunct hubs project, or does the code have a life of its own? Hannah Fearn asks the sector

Virtualisation is a new term for an old idea, but that’s not to say it doesn’t offer some exciting prospects from IT management to organisational strategy. Christopher Andrews reports

Charities will need to squeeze every penny out of Gift Aid once the basic rate of tax is reduced next year. Duncan Jefferies finds out how the right software can help


Gordon Brown has promised that charities contracted to provide public services can expect to secure three-year funding as the norm. It is welcome news but those working in the sector still have major concerns, finds Graham Buck


Supplement : Pay & benefits


Working through it

Though the third sector has a much better track record than the private, disparity in pay still exists between men and women. David Adams examines the figures, and asks if a balance will ever be attained

Attracting staff with the right skills, and holding on to them, is not an easy task. Anastasia Kershaw looks at how to get the basics right, particularly when dealing with new recruits from other sectors



Focus on: Asset allocation


American foundations are realising considerably higher investment returns over their UK counterparts. Sandra Haurant investigates why, if asset allocation is the key, and if there are lessons to be learned on this side of the Atlantic

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