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For 2008, the deadlines for Charity Times magazine are:

 ISSUE:  Advertising copy deadline :
February   27 January
April   21 March
June   23 May
August   18 July
October   19 September
December   21 November

 Ad specifications - quick guide

 Type area   Trim   Bleed
 262mm X 181 mm   297mm X 210mm   303mm X 216mm
 Half page horizontal    
 Type area   Trim   Bleed
 128mm X 181mm   143mm X 210mm   149mm X 216mm
 Half page vertical    
 Type area   Trim   Bleed
 262mm X 88mm   297mm X 100mm   303mm X 103mm
 Quarter page  Quarter page ads don't bleed
 Type area   Trim  
128mm (height) X 88mm (width)   Ad will fit inside page  
 Additional ad sizes pdf directions  


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